Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interpretation of TIME

As I finished reading the rest of Clockwork Angels, I was still perplexed by the confusing construction of the comic. Instead of reading the comic right to left, like we had discussed in class, I found myself pausing and reading the comic from all different angles. As I was doing this I was noting the different interpretations of the plot, and every interpretation differed slightly. How could this be possible? The same pictures, the same story, and characters could be interpreted and seen through a different lens because of a slightly different angle. Hernandez is hovering over something, which causes confusion and relates to how humans connect with their world, and I believe it’s the interpretation of history and the concept time. Through her comic, Hernandez is able to not only suspend time, but also morph it so it may be seen through a different perspective.
The concept of history resonates all over this comic. The interpretation of history has always been a confusing, and a distorted “story” which no one can simply agree on. An event might occur, and two different people can see the same event and have a completely different understanding what actually happened.
The present war can attest to this situation. Some Americans view the war as a righteous and noble cause, while some see the war a ill struggle in an attempt to gain power, and even beyond the united states other countries and the civilians view the war as an invasion. It is the same event, but no one views the same war from the same perspective.
Humans do not all read the same, and they all do not see time through the same lens. I believe Hernandez incorporated this concept into her art in order to touch upon a idea, that literature can have a hard time conveying. Many novels give a straight forward moment-by-moment picture of the plot. The author controls the story, but Clockwork Angles, the author put the steering wheel in the reader’s hands, and allows for more room to move around. Hernandez allows the reader to apply his/her ideology to the work.

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